Product and Service Fees to be Received from Financial Consumers

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Product and Service Fees payable by Financial Consumer:

In accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 4 in Consumer Protection Law dated 07/11/2013 and numbered 6502 and Article 6 in Regulations on Procedures and Principles for the Fees Charged to Financial Clients announced in the Official Gazette numbered 29138, the fees received from financial clients against products and services are as follows:

Credit Allocation


Credit allocation fee is not charged to our clients.



The relevant fees, interests, commissions and charges to be received from our clients are determined through mutual agreement.

Survey Fees


Except of the amounts remitted to third parties against the assigned or declined loans, financial clients are not charged with additional fees.

Payments to Third Parties


The amounts charged over relevant cost to financial clients in the scope of third party receivables are listed as follows:


1- The costs and duties remitted to notary public offices or other authorities for establishing or releasing a lien/mortgage

2- All liabilities and expenses arising from applicable legislation

3- All payments to relevant law office against relevant services together with the payments remitted to third parties or authorized institutions if legal proceedings were ceased upon client’s request