Notification and Confirmation Form in the scope of KVKK and applicable legislation

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Notification and Confirmation Form in the scope of Personal Data Protection Law and applicable legislation:


This form is issued to confirm the notification, clarification and personal data processing procedures concerning natural entities in the scope of applicable legislation and Personal Data Protection Law dated 24/3/2016 and numbered 6698.

Data Controller: Akın Faktoring A.Ş. (“Company”)

Data Controller Representative: Refers to the employees and other persons authorized to process personal data on behalf of the company.

Personal data: In accordance with applicable legislation and Law numbered 6361 concerning Leasing, Factoring and Financing Firms, the company’s activities shall be processed regardless of its contractual nature.

a) For the conduct of factoring transactions, personal data shall be shared with legal or natural entities, our shareholders, direct/indirect foreign subsidiaries, affiliated companies under intermediate/agency capacity, banks, financial institutions, foreign financial authorities, official/public organizations and the parties providing or planned to provide service to our company.

b) Personal data shall be collected in written, verbal or electronic format. Personal data shall also be collected from third parties and processed in similar manners. Personal data is processed in compliance with Personal Data Protection Law, this notification and confirmation form and applicable legislation and/or contract.

c) In accordance with Article 11 of KVKK, the natural entity subjected to data processing shall be entitled to perform following actions by making application to the Company:

  - To know whether personal data is processed

  - To obtain information if personal data is processed

  - To know whether personal data is used in compliance with the intended use

  - To be informed on domestic or international third parties receiving personal data

  - To request for correction if personal data is missing or defective

  - To request for deletion or removal of personal data in the scope of relevant conditions specified in Article 7 of Law numbered 6698

  - To request for notification of procedures implemented in accordance with paragraphs (a) and (b) for the third parties receiving personal data

  - To make objection against an unfavorable decision by written letter or e-mail by analyzing personal data separately through automated systems

    - To claim for compensation if personal data is processed illegally

In accordance with applicable legislation, this form is submitted by Akın Faktoring A.Ş prior to processing personal data. I hereby accept that my personal data shall be obtained by my side and/or third parties and processed by the Company or authorized legal and natural entities in accordance with ongoing data processing activities.

I also accept, declare and undertake that the Company shall transfer my personal data to domestic institutions, persons, subsidiaries and public authorities and that I have been duly informed in detail prior to data processing.