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This Introductive Text is issued to notify Akın Faktoring A.Ş officials in accordance with Article 10 titled “Clarification Responsibility for Data Controller” of Personal Data Protection Law (“KVKK”) numbered 6698 and announced on the Official Gazette dated 7 April 2016 and numbered 29677. This text is designated to determine the responsibilities of legal and natural entities processing personal data and to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals including the rights of privacy.


Akın Faktoring A.Ş maintains the entire system infrastructure, online presence and relevant documents at the safest level possible in order to protect personal data obtained from customers and/or customer agents, potential customers, company staff, senior management and third parties.





In addition to the obligatory information to be obtained from our customers or customer agents, we also process, maintain and transfer the personal data deemed necessary by our best service target in compliance with applicable legislation.


In this respect, the personal data is processed to implement relevant actions anticipated by applicable legislation on reporting procedures, loan transactions, litigation/execution proceedings, financial inquiries, documents issued to respond the information requested from public authorities, speculative transactions in the scope of MASAK, contract affairs, audits, employment procedures and dismissal procedures performed for public authorities or third parties.




Akın Faktoring A.Ş may obtain personal data of customers and/or customer agents, potential customers, senior management and third parties from written, verbal or electronic media, relevant persons, third parties and public authorities.




Akın Faktoring A.Ş may share personal data with the third parties providing goods or service in the scope of factoring operations, the direct or indirect shareholders of Akın Faktoring A.Ş, the company subsidiaries, the legal or natural entities receiving consultancy and/or service in which Akın Faktoring A.Ş holds the option to choose whether to draw up a non-disclosure agreement, the contracted business partners, the third parties participating in a cooperation and public authorities.


Akın Faktoring A.Ş shall keep the documents and records issued with customers and/or customer agents, potential customers, employees, senior management and third parties for a certain period in accordance with applicable legislation. If you request the personal data to be deleted, removed or anonymized, then Akın Faktoring A.Ş shall fulfill this request within a specific period determined by applicable legislation. During this period, your personal data shall not be processed by Akın Faktoring A.Ş, nor shared with third parties except of the requirements arising from relevant contracts or national and international regulations.




In case the parties are natural entities, customers, potential customers, employees and third parties shall make application to Akın Faktoring A.Ş in order to exercise following rights in accordance with KVKK provisions. If the parties are legal entities, then the customer agents shall make this application:


• To know whether personal data is processed

• To request further information if personal data is processed

• To find out the reason for whether personal data is used in accordance with the specified purpose

• To know domestic or international third parties receiving personal data

• To request for modification in case the personal data is deficient or processed with errors

• To request for deletion or elimination of personal data

• To request for notification to third parties in case the personal data is modified, deleted or eliminated

• To make objection to the unfavorable decision by analyzing the processed data separately through automated systems

• To claim for compensation in case the relevant person suffers from a damage caused by processing data illegally

The requests made for stated purposes shall be finalized by Akın Faktoring A.Ş on free of charge basis within maximum thirty days. However, if a certain fee is specified by Personal Data Protection Committee, then this fee shall be charged by our company.





If you would like to submit your feedbacks or questions in the scope of Law numbered 6698, then you may forward your request in following methods:


  • You submit your identity together with supporting documents and your application form by hand to the address of “Teşvikiye, Hüsrev Gerede  Cad. No: 100 Kat: 5-6 34365 Şişli-İstanbul”
  • You may submit your request through notary public
  • You may send your request with electronic signature to the e-mail address of “akinfaktoring@hs02.kep.tr”

The written applications made in this scope shall be accepted following our identity authentication process. The applicants shall be responded within relevant legal term.